AFS Committee Mission Statement

The Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy (AFS) Committee mission is to act as an Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors and Executive of NBAPC to ensure that the best possible arrangement is achieved so as to allow the members of NBAPC to have access to the various fisheries to fulfill their Food, Social and Ceremonial needs for themselves and families; without fear of threat, intimidation or harassment by federal or provincial enforcement officers; until such time that this agreement is replaced with an Aboriginal and Treaty Implementation Process.

What are the objectives of the AFS?

  • To provide a framework for the management of fishing by Aboriginal groups for food, social and ceremonial purposes.
  • To provide Aboriginal groups with an opportunity to participate in the management of fisheries, thereby improving conservation, management and enhancement of the resource.
  • To contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of Aboriginal communities.
  • To provide a foundation for the development of self-government agreements and treaties.
  • To improve the fisheries management skills and capacity of Aboriginal groups.


  • to provide for a point of future discussions between DFO and the Council on off-reserve fish harvesting and management in the area mutually agreed to by the Council and DFO;
  • to enhance the involvement of the Council in the management, protection and enhancement of the several fishery resources and fish habitat in the area mutually agreed to by the Council and DFO and,
  • to explore, develop and promote the Council's access to fisheries resources in the area mutually agreed to by the Council and DFO.